After Sales Service

Boiler Installation, Commissioning and After Sales Service
Enco provides extensive after sales services on all of our boilers to customers. Our team comprises of Project Coordinators, Qualified Engineers as well as 6G Welders and Fitters that are well-equipped for boiler installation and commissioning.

Annual Inspection, Maintenance and Repair
Under the Malaysian Law, every operating boilers in Malaysia are required to be shut down for inspection and maintenance on an annually basis. At Enco, we provide these services to our clients as we believe in protecting on the safety of the boiler operators and the employees’ surroundings them.

Spare Part Supplies
Enco utilizes parts that are commonly available in the market. Proprietary and essential spare parts are kept in stocks for immediate delivery to our clients.

Technical Advises
Enco has a team of qualified consultants and engineers that are able to advise clients on the correct sizing and capacity of boilers that is suitable for their usage.

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