Biomass-fired Steam Boilers


Benefits includes:
> Stable Steam Production
> Economical in Operation
> Minimum Maintenance
> Easy Cleaning
> Guaranteed Dry Steam
> Ideal for Burning Solid Fuel

ENCO’s Modern Water-Tubes Biomass-Fired Boiler Systems
The Enco Water-Tube Boiler is of an extremely Well-Proven Design based on the Natural Circulation Principle.The boiler is provided with a single overhead boiler drum. The drum is fully welded and is provided with a steam separating system, a feed water distributor, and a manhole at one end.

Furnace Design
The Furnace is designed to create the best possible conditions for combustion of the fuel. The furnace is provided with the necessary inspection covers and access doors. Fully-Welded Membrane Walls and Grates Increases the Heating Surface of the Boiler, especially its Radiant Heating Surface. It is also maintenance-free, as long as the Boiler Feed Water Quality meets Internationally-Accepted Feed Water Quality Specifications, for the Boiler Operating Pressure.

Water Circulation / Steam Separation
The Enco Boiler Water-Tube Furnace is a naturally circulated boiler, and all heated surfaces have an upward water flow. All down comers and re-circulation pipes are kept free from the influence of heat and are therefore unhindered by the rising steam bubbles. The unheated down comers also secure ample and quick water supply to the heating surfaces located farthest from the drum. The boiler permits quick firing, as the pressure part (the heat influenced heating surfaces) contains only a small quantity of water. Due to the efficient circulation, the same temperature is maintained throughout the pressure part. Undesired thermal strains, which might otherwise cause thermal cracking, are thus avoided. The boiler has a fast circulation adjustment at load variations, because of the efficient circulation. The Large Water Volume in the Boiler, for stability of Steam Production, is provided by the large Steam Drum. The Steam Separation takes place, in the Steam Drum, by means of a demister and perforated plates. Because of the location of the top drum outside the pressure part, uninfluenced by heat, there will be no evaporation from the water surface in the drum. This also improves the steam quality.

The Enco Water-Tube Boiler is built as a bottom supported structure with down comers and the corner tubes forming the supports. Thus, external supporting steel structures are avoided. The vertical expansion of the boiler takes place freely upwards. In the joint between the boiler and the grates, there will almost only be a horizontal expansion, which makes sealing of the furnace uncomplicated. Equal temperatures throughout the pressure part ensure a minimum of thermal strains, so it is possible to use minimum tube wall thickness.

The Enco Water-Tube Boiler’s Furnace offers a high degree of freedom of construction due to the small number of down comers which carry water from the Steam Drum to the Bottom Headers. This means that the boiler can be tailored to suit any purpose. Since membrane wall structures are used in the main part of the boiler, all heat influenced surfaces are water-cooled. The use of fireproof refractory is thereby minimized. The Boiler is a fully welded structure, completely free from expansion of tubes in the Drum, distributors and collectors.

The Water-Tube Boilers are manufactured at ENCO’s modern boiler manufacturing facility in Rawang, Selangor, Malaysia, under strict Third Party Inspections by TUV, and approval from the Malaysian Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH). The manufacturing of the boiler components are strictly controlled, based on the Relevant Boiler Codes, before dispatch to the site for erection and commissioning.

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