Total Boiler Solutions

  • Have working knowledge on how to process Biomass Waste (palm oil and wood waste) into renewable green energy fuel.
  • Able to process Biomass Waste into Pellet Form for burning purposes.
  • For years, Enco have been providing satisfied customers by designing, fabrication and installation of Boiler Systems for all sectors of industry that requiring process heating, including the Food, Chemicals, Automotive, Rubber, Textiles, Hotels, Hospitals, Palm Oil, Wood Industries and many others. In Enco, we understand our customers and strive to provide them with boiler solutions to suit our customers’ current and future needs.
  • Has extensive experience in the local Boiler Manufacturing Industry which results in boilers that are tailor-made/well suited to individual industry users.
  • Dedicated teams of engineers from different specialization.
  • Able to utilize the surplus of steam generated by the boiler coupled with a steam turbine to generate power which can then be sell back to the National grid.
  • This is achieved with the co-operation with respectable Steam Turbine Companies which we are working closely with.
  • Our clients have the option to go for Steam Outsourcing as well. Click on Steam Outsourcing to learn more about it!

For years, Enco Group has been providing satisfied customers with thermal energy solutions locally and internationally. Expending from our core business, which is manufacturing packaged boilers and biomass boilers to providing a total boiler solution to valuable customers worldwide. Enco Group. Providing you with a One Stop Centre for Total Boiler Solutions.

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