Steam Outsourcing


What is outsourcing?
Outsourcing allows companies to transfer the management and control of non-core activities to an outside supplier and buys back the product or service at an agreed price. Our experience and capabilities in end-to-end steam supply solutions make us the right partner for your steam supply needs.

The process of steam outsourcing generally encompasses:

  • We shall manufacture, install, operate and maintain the Boiler System.
  • We sell steam to the customer throughput the duration of the agreement, at an agreed price per tonne.
  • Contract development to work out the legal, pricing and service level agreement (SLA) terms.
  • Outsourcing management or governance to refine the on-going working relationship between the customer and the service provider.
Why Outsource Steam?

  • Increase productivity and profitability.
  • Lower working capital costs.
  • Save and cut operational costs.
  • Provide better service.
  • Customer can focus on their core business activities.

Enco started the Steam Outsourcing business under our Build,Operate and Own concept since 2003. In this Build, Own and Operate (BOO) concept, Enco will invests in the complete Bio-mass Fired Boiler System, and sells the steam produced to our clients at a competitive rate.

Hence, our clients are relieved of the hassle to find biomass fuel and in the operation of the Biomass Boiler, and could solely concentrate on the production of their products, of which they are specialized in.

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